Friday, January 19, 2007


Here follow a message received by Laurence. It seems very interresting to participate, specially to be in touch with our over channel friends....

Chere Laurence Flory,
> J'habite a Fareham en Angleterre et je participe a l'organisation d'un
> forum dans mon canton sur
> internet.
> Nous pensons qu'il serait divertissant et educationnel d'avoir quelques
> correspondants a Vannes qui laisseraient leurs messages sur le forum (en
> anglais ou en francais)
> Nous pourrions discuter de notre vie journaliere, de nos animaux, des
> nouvelles et de sport, de notre vie sociale ou des choses qui se passent
> dans notre communaute local.
> Le forum est a l'adresse suivante:
> Si vous a avez des questions, n'hesitez pas a me contacter.
> Sincerement
> Richard Snell

Monday, January 15, 2007


Your attention, please.
As those who came to taste the delicious galette know it already :
From now on, we will meet every Thursday at 19.00 (instead of 19.30) at the Ocean.
Don't forget it!!!
See you soon.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Happy new year

It was such a mess to understand how to send a message with the new Blogger !
But thanks to Jean Paul who is a genuine expert in the computer, I can now tell you :
Happy new year everybody
and see you on the eleventh of January.

Marinette it should be better to "publish" your message rather than kipping it as a draft!!!
.... I do that for you....